Nathan Boiron

Web dev ʘ‿ʘ


Java Ebean Guice

Minecraft RPG server currently being developed.

In this project I am creating several systems: money, dungeons and portals.

I am also doing code architecture (IOC Container, ORM, Query Bus, unit tests, etc).


WebZ is a library that aims to abstract calls to different WebServices (in HTTP or SOAP).

It automatically handles caching, events and parsing results to an array.


PHP implementation of enumerations that can manage multiple formats.

It was developped at Direct Energie before being open sourced.

PHP Node.js Ruby

I like to redo my portfolio from time to time.

I used different technologies throughout the years: Jekyll (ruby), Jigsaw (PHP) and now custom PHP.

PHP Java Debian Git

CraftWorld was a french Minecraft server created in 2011 and closed in 2014.

This project was both a hobby and a way to practice and experiment technologies. The game and the website were hosted on two different machines.

I developed an API and tools to create interactions between the website and the game.

Players could administrate some aspects of the game on the website such as their ingame money and their rank.

I also built a full control panel for the staff team which allowed them to administrate the server without being logged in the game. They could see the console log, execute ingame commands, kick/ban players, install new features, start/stop the server, etc.